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Today Never Existed..

Dwarfsosi a posted Aug 10, 14
As we all probably know; not much happened today and those events that DID happen killed this new story line many times over. This is the beginning of a rich house story we have PLANNED and players are PLANNING. If you don't know what I'm talking about its probably because your character shouldn't know what I'm talking about, but you and your character will soon find out! Whilst spying around as my after-life form, I noticed a few people were beginning to start some epic story-lines with the server. Very in-depth story lines that depend on many key events to happen, and for some particular people not to die so soon. Well many of those people did die today, so thus, those story-lines are ruined and THUS, Darakos becomes a boring place, and we are trying SO VERY hard not to make it one.

SO I DO DECLARE - All events that happened today, before this post was made, never EVER happened in the lore.. This history of today had been erased from Darakos forever.


Jowe007 as Gabiel, you didn't die. Continue with your character's planned storyline.
PoshM9trix as ..whatever your name was, you are not dead. You were never assassinated. Continue your planned story line.
JaffaMiner as James Artie, you are not dead. You were never assassinated, continue your planned storyline as king of Redcrow.

Anyone else's characters who died on this fateful day, I rebirth you BACK into the world, for this day never existed! (Talk to an admin or shout my name into the night, and I will have your former character back)

And don't bother arguing with me, I'm a Magical Red Crow and I can pull days from the calendar and delete time and history itself as if it never even took place. Deal with it. 

CAW - Consider the events of today to be erased. I will probably never do this again. Consider yourselves lucky and keep yourselves alive this time. 

Redcrow out.
slushie9912 I love the end of that "Redcrow out."

Some things to announce!

Dwarfsosi a posted Aug 10, 14
1. If you want to understand the idea of houses, and learn what they are, I suggest you watch this video. Its a video showing the complete history of the Game of Thrones world "The Westeros" (and surrounding continents). I found it yesterday and watched it all. It really opened by eyes about how houses are supposed to work. Here it is if you're interested: 

2. I've noticed there has been a quite..aggressive downfall of kings lately. Mainly all of the attempted assassinations come from the forming house of Anacalime. This is my message to them. Stop trying to assassinate the kings of Redcrow everyday. We know you all want to be the "Shady hooded cool assassin types" but it's turning the story plot rotten and causing us to loose players. If you're going to assassinate a king, roleplay it! Also, i've noticed that the guards, as they should, have been killing the assassins who attempted to murder the king, successful or not. Once your character dies, you are allowed to create a character related in some way to your previous character, but revenge characters are not allowed, as it eventually ensures the death of a character. If your new character didn't have anything to do with the revenge in game, then don't rise up as them and pretend like they did. Let the story advance itself a little before trying to kill the king, only hours after his new reign. And also.. Only kill a king if your character has a damn good reason to! I don't see any reason for you all to try and rebel against house Redcrow and kill a king if they haven't done anything particularly wrong yet!

3. We are revamping the "Apply for Freedom" application to get even harder questions. This will ensure we really do create the perfect roleplay community within our server. We may also be taking the new player slave thing to the next level, not allowing them to be seen, or talk to roleplaying players. Some new players don't realize this is a roleplay server when they log on for the first time, and we want to push them to apply if they truly want to roleplay. This being said, we will not make you re-apply if you already have...on one condition; As long as you roleplay to the extent that we expect. If you are breaking some rules and not taking much seriously, we will set you as a slave again and you will have to re-apply to an even harder application. This is just for us to teach you what roleplay should look like, and to hint to you that you aren't RPing realistically enough.

4. Do not loose hope if things start to turn dull. That is natural, but this will start to get exciting again in no time! We have a grand story line planned for the future, and we have just begun to enter it! Stick around for the epicness soon to follow!
slushie9912 Going off what Blood said there yes we did kill him that one time but it wasn't just to keep assassinating people, that ...
Blood_Archon Hmmm, well thank you for bringing it to my attention about my House (Ancalime) mostly assassinate Artie (Jaffa). As far ...
We are starting Darakos off with one house.

House Redcrow

Galios, Forseti and Aclime still have a chance to exist. Just not right away. Now before you hit the panic button, let me explain:

Being that everyone starts off in one house, redcrow, houses would have a chance to rebel. ...Let me just send you the text that I sent to the staff addressing this:

Text One:
Maybe we should just start with two, at best one house. If everyone at least started in house Redcrow, the soon to be kings would get to see how a house is supposed to work and all the features we put into the houses, before they break off and rule their own house all by themselves.. That's how its gonna be with house kings in the future. They'll have been in a house for a while before they decide to start their own. They'll know the basic structure that a house uses; with all these jobs and the ranking systems. Yet now, we are just throwing players in as kings and they have no idea how this new system goes and everything. They all need to experience it first hand in one place before they should be allowed to rule.

Text Two:
And I say we grant Forseti, Aclime and Galios immediate house startups if they want it. But only after being in House Redcrow for at least a week. So Blood and Green and Sky won't have to apply again. Now we can have rebels that are trying to break off from Redcrow and become their own houses. Word and rumors will be spread amongst the house of a plan to escape the clutches of house Redcrow, and rebel. Our guards and army will stop at nothing to find out who is behind this.. Redcrow will try to stop the rebels, but will eventually let them escape into their three houses. The new players can even choose to follow their rebel leaders into secededing from house redcrow, or they could be loyal and stay, while doing their best to stop the rebels...

They all agreed.

Wouldn't this be such an EPIC story to play out for our new players? Something that actually makes sense to kick the server off! SOMETHING THAT WILL CREATE LORE FOR YEARS TO COME! And something that creates beef between houses. Actual beef! Not made up beef! 

[Chapter 19]: A House Divided

So with that, put on your acting faces people. WE'VE GOT A SHOW TO PUT ON!
Break a leg...
The stage is set at Fort Crow. Law, Public executions and rumors are running rampid. How will you choose to act? Who will you choose to follow?

Shadow_and_Flame I'll work all these little lore kinks out, dont worry, and also Blood you could be the main leader still, but slush and ...
Greenslide1 Let's see I love it I love it I love it!
Blood_Archon I think it will just be safer for all of us if I just do that so that our newer players don't have to wait for me to get ...

Bad news, stay hopeful!

Dwarfsosi a posted Jul 3, 14
Sadly, Castle Siege has gone down and will be down for about the next four days due to a quick power outage. I would be able to put the server back up but I am not at my house and can't connect to the screen sharing program because my host computer is off. The server will be down for roughly the next four days (while I write this) which is a bummer, because that is a gap where we COULD be building! No matter! I suggest many of you who are looking to help out, watch/practice as many building tutorials as you can to become masters of the build! When the server comes back up we can slap down out some amazing towns and get this server started! I suggest watching "Jamziboy" on youtube. Probably the best out there! 

Also, it is required that you use the custom resource pack and download either optifiine or mcpatcher to use with it. Both of these files are just a .jar file that can be installed when you open the .jar file and click a single install  button; it doesn't take long at all!

THE REASON you need to download these is so you can see all the extra textures we are building with that are included in the res. pack. The only way you can possibly SEE these extra textures is with Optifine or Mcpatcher. Examples are fish/meat hanging from ropes, seeing the many extra wood textures (like barrels and boxes for cargo) seeing real smoke coming out of houses instead of spiderwebs, seeing big rugs of wolf hide/bear hide, seeing connected textures/non-repeating blocks, seeing actual bottles of wine/kegs of ale/wine racks at taverns, and..and... A lot more. Using mcpatcher or optifine makes the world look so much cooler with no added lag! GET ONE OF THEM! IT'S EASY!

Here are the links:

(By the way, these are barley mods! Do not let them scare you! They are very easy to install! Comment if you have any questions! You only need one of them!)

mobman99 Did u move to minecraft/resource pack folder?
casper_azaria I downloaded the pack but it doesn't show up in the part where you choose which pack to play with? what do I do?
I will not be accepting any new house Apps for the time being since so many of you have applied. We will need to start the server off with a small number of official houses The remaining accepted houses will start off as un-official houses, and earn their way up. Be warned, house leaders. You won't last long if you do not put intense effort into your house. I'll make sure of it ;)

No one is safe..
Here's the list to start us off:
(For more info on the houses, I suggest you house kings write and post some lore)


The House of Redcrow
Color: Light Red
Motto: "Continue the Legacy"
King: Soin Redcrow
General Description: This house is ruled by the sons and grandsons of the legendary warriors that Sosi led across glorious lands to eventually lead them to Ghauali and be put to rest. These men have become dispersed and separated since Sosi's death. Sosi's grandson, Soin Redcrow, now seeks to continue his grandfathers legacy and band these men together once again. By raising up yet another empire on yet another foreign continent, Darakos will serve as a final destination for Sosi's warriors.

The House of Galios
Color: Green
Motto: "Even in times when all hope is lost and you think you will perish; stay strong and fight to the end"
King: skydog1112
General Description: A nation of desert people formed in Darakos with means to keep the deserts of Darakos alive and in their own hands. This may be achieved peacefully, or by great force. This house has no care for other means of conflict if their desert isn't involved.

The House of Thinios
Color: Dark Red
Motto: "If there is a line you won't cross, the enemy will win. You must become the monster in the enemy's nightmares"
King: jorasher1112
General Description: The narkuzi were losing the war over their homeland. Many had died or been enslaved by the other Militias. They were weakened, disorganized, and lost. They had allies, but none to be trusted. Their own king was slain by their enemies. Times were changing, they needed a new leader. Seeking temporary refuge on the islands of Guldoria, the old Narkuzi looks for chances at Allies, new land, and revenge. Their homeland was taken from them, now they seek to take a new one from others. No holding back.


The House of Forseti
Color: Orange
Motto: "Peace is not the absence of war, but the presence of justice"
King: Greenslide1
General Description: The third group coming from Ghauali, this house Hates all whom are considered evil. Especially the Dark Lord Hathriin, who is rumored to still be alive and deadly. This house seeks to being peace and prosperity to Darakos before evil conquers it. They believe in equality in all races, and the greater good of things.

The House of Ancalimë
Color: Light Grey
Motto: "Where there is peace, there is always chaos"
King: Blood Archon
General Description: This is a band of former criminals seeking power; to resurrect their master, the Dark Archon, in order to bring back the glory of the Archons, and achieve mass power. Their master's tomb is located in the Darakos, which they must guard. 

jorasher1112 just realized (don't knowhow i missed this) my house name is spelled Thinos, not Thinios, sorry for being picky.
skydog1122 check out that link, i think it looks really cool, and prob ...
skydog1122 Hey I made a house app, and it failed. Then i decided to make another one, just way more detailed, and it made it throug ...
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Oh yeah and Darakos is back! Viva la Darakos! A lore explanation to re-start the server off is coming ASAP!
Not tellin ;) Like... ever. You're still in my hands for I am still the ultimate god of this fantasy world, I'm just hidden amongst mortal men now...
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