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Bad news, stay hopeful!

Dwarfsosi a posted Jul 3, 14
Sadly, Castle Siege has gone down and will be down for about the next four days due to a quick power outage. I would be able to put the server back up but I am not at my house and can't connect to the screen sharing program because my host computer is off. The server will be down for roughly the next four days (while I write this) which is a bummer, because that is a gap where we COULD be building! No matter! I suggest many of you who are looking to help out, watch/practice as many building tutorials as you can to become masters of the build! When the server comes back up we can slap down out some amazing towns and get this server started! I suggest watching "Jamziboy" on youtube. Probably the best out there! 

Also, it is required that you use the custom resource pack and download either optifiine or mcpatcher to use with it. Both of these files are just a .jar file that can be installed when you open the .jar file and click a single install  button; it doesn't take long at all!

THE REASON you need to download these is so you can see all the extra textures we are building with that are included in the res. pack. The only way you can possibly SEE these extra textures is with Optifine or Mcpatcher. Examples are fish/meat hanging from ropes, seeing the many extra wood textures (like barrels and boxes for cargo) seeing real smoke coming out of houses instead of spiderwebs, seeing big rugs of wolf hide/bear hide, seeing connected textures/non-repeating blocks, seeing actual bottles of wine/kegs of ale/wine racks at taverns, and..and... A lot more. Using mcpatcher or optifine makes the world look so much cooler with no added lag! GET ONE OF THEM! IT'S EASY!

Here are the links:

(By the way, these are barley mods! Do not let them scare you! They are very easy to install! Comment if you have any questions! You only need one of them!)

mobman99 Did u move to minecraft/resource pack folder?
casper_azaria I downloaded the pack but it doesn't show up in the part where you choose which pack to play with? what do I do?

~ Starting off Houses ~

Soin_Redcrow a
Soin_Redcrow @ Lands of Darakos
posted Jun 15, 14
I will not be accepting any new house Apps for the time being since so many of you have applied. We will need to start the server off with a small number of official houses The remaining accepted houses will start off as un-official houses, and earn their way up. Be warned, house leaders. You won't last long if you do not put intense effort into your house. I'll make sure of it ;)

No one is safe..
Here's the list to start us off:
(For more info on the houses, I suggest you house kings write and post some lore)


The House of Redcrow
Color: Light Red
Motto: "Continue the Legacy"
King: Soin Redcrow
General Description: This house is ruled by the sons and grandsons of the legendary warriors that Sosi led across glorious lands to eventually lead them to Ghauali and be put to rest. These men have become dispersed and separated since Sosi's death. Sosi's grandson, Soin Redcrow, now seeks to continue his grandfathers legacy and band these men together once again. By raising up yet another empire on yet another foreign continent, Darakos will serve as a final destination for Sosi's warriors.

The House of Galios
Color: Green
Motto: "Even in times when all hope is lost and you think you will perish; stay strong and fight to the end"
King: skydog1112
General Description: A nation of desert people formed in Darakos with means to keep the deserts of Darakos alive and in their own hands. This may be achieved peacefully, or by great force. This house has no care for other means of conflict if their desert isn't involved.

The House of Thinios
Color: Dark Red
Motto: "If there is a line you won't cross, the enemy will win. You must become the monster in the enemy's nightmares"
King: jorasher1112
General Description: The narkuzi were losing the war over their homeland. Many had died or been enslaved by the other Militias. They were weakened, disorganized, and lost. They had allies, but none to be trusted. Their own king was slain by their enemies. Times were changing, they needed a new leader. Seeking temporary refuge on the islands of Guldoria, the old Narkuzi looks for chances at Allies, new land, and revenge. Their homeland was taken from them, now they seek to take a new one from others. No holding back.


The House of Forseti
Color: Orange
Motto: "Peace is not the absence of war, but the presence of justice"
King: Greenslide1
General Description: The third group coming from Ghauali, this house Hates all whom are considered evil. Especially the Dark Lord Hathriin, who is rumored to still be alive and deadly. This house seeks to being peace and prosperity to Darakos before evil conquers it. They believe in equality in all races, and the greater good of things.

The House of Ancalimë
Color: Light Grey
Motto: "Where there is peace, there is always chaos"
King: Blood Archon
General Description: This is a band of former criminals seeking power; to resurrect their master, the Dark Archon, in order to bring back the glory of the Archons, and achieve mass power. Their master's tomb is located in the Darakos, which they must guard. 

jorasher1112 just realized (don't knowhow i missed this) my house name is spelled Thinos, not Thinios, sorry for being picky.
skydog1122 check out that link, i think it looks really cool, and prob ...
skydog1122 Hey I made a house app, and it failed. Then i decided to make another one, just way more detailed, and it made it throug ...

Map Satisfaction

Soin_Redcrow a
Soin_Redcrow @ Lands of Darakos
posted Jun 12, 14
I'm sorry! I'm not satisfied with the map I made! Heres why:

- 99% of the forests on it are spruce. This means nearly all your wooden builds would have to be spruce!
- It seems to.. small. The map itself isn't small.. it is just the fact that everything is close together, and some of the interesting biomes don't get that much space before they run off the page.
- The majority of it runs off the page. I thought this would inspire wonder, but think of how many people would run to the edge of the map, just to discover the void. A new map would be much better with an endless ocean, and only some parts running off the page.
- It is too flat. I know it has a lot of mountains and trees, but underneath most of the forests, there is are interesting parts. Just flat..
- There are no hill-scapes to rest giant castles/cities on!

So.. I've devised a plan to make a new map for the lands of Darakos. This land will be so much more interesting and wonderful. Here are the things I strive to improve on:

- A bigger map! I plan to make this map TWICE AS BIG as the previous one! My computer can more than take big maps.
- A big map means bigger towns! These towns will both the pasted and built!
- A big map allows for more houses and fits and attracts more players!
- More interesting mountains, more diverse forests, more biomes, and larger biome fades.
- Thicker and thinner forests. I made my forests too thick and too thin in places the 1st time.
- More diverse trees! With every wood type!
- More mountains and mountain ranges!
- An over-all cooler looking map layout. If we plan to use this map for the rest of our days, It has gotta be big. This will ensure we don't run out of trees for building anytime soon!

There will still be a snowy tundra to the north, Deserts and Savannas' to the east, and forests and grasslands to the west. I know you are probably moaning of disapproval as you read this, but I won't displease you! You will drool over this new map.. ...Just hold on a little longer! THIS IS IT, I CAN FEEL IT!

I will keep you updated daily of my progress.

AS FOR THE HOUSES: There is only one official house as I write this; The house of Redcrow. As you may have guessed, this is my house. If blood applies to start his house, there will be two. I am looking for around three houses to start the server off with. Only apply for a house if you know people will follow you as a leader!
casper_azaria soin may I join your house
Soin_Redcrow a
Soin_Redcrow @ Lands of Darakos
I'd be more than glad of you would help me ONCE I FINISH THE LANDSCAPE! At this stage, I'm using worldpainter to create ...
Shadow_and_Flame You know what we want, you know what you want, and we know what we want

A short hint at what is to come

Soin_Redcrow a
Soin_Redcrow @ Lands of Darakos
posted Jun 10, 14
For those of you that like exploration, there is more to come. The current map, as you can probably tell, is just a puzzle piece of it all. The map you see is called Southern Darakos. This is just the middle portion to the giant lands of Darakos. Of course, you will need to take a ship or carriage to the other portions of land, being as I will be using multiverse to add them in. 

To the east will be an extention of the desert and sahara/grassland. This will of course mix with a few other biomes, but will mostly be a home to the houses of the grass and desert people. To the south will be an extention of the Forest/Taiga lands. Rich with trees and lush forests, this will be home to the houses of the forests and the highlands. Finally, to the north (and you guessed it) will be an extention of the cold, life threatening Tundra/Ice lands. These will be three different maps that will eventually be stitched together into a graphic of the entire land of Darakos. I don't know if i'll ever get around to creating all these maps (I probably won't) but you can surely look forward to at least one!
slushie9912 a Are these lands going to be similar to the frontiers that we had before? And if so would that be a good comparison?
Greenslide1 Great! I look forward! Keep up the good work! ...

New and VASTLY Improved Resource Pack!

Soin_Redcrow a
Soin_Redcrow @ Lands of Darakos
posted Jun 7, 14
Hello all!

With a new server must come a new look! I have updated the conquest resource pack and edited it how I see fit, and I'm sure you are going to love the new look of Castle Siege! Guns have seemingly brought the Islands of Ghauali to chaos. The world isn't ready for guns yet, so we are searching for new lands whilst leaving our tools of spitting metal fire behind us. Guns have hereby been banned!

Here is a list of what I've generally added.

+ Retextured the Diamond Axe to look like a fancy Iron-Axe
+ Changed crossbow to take the place of the Wood Shovel so it doesn't look so small when you hold it
+ Put all other custom textures and aspects back in
- Removed Hand-Bomb
- Removed Guns

As for the name of it, it is called: Castle Siege - Redcrow's Pack. This is because in the future I might make different textured versions of the server resource pack. Instead of Naming it: Castle Siege - DokuCraft version, I would name it after a famous figure in the C.S world. For Example.. Castle Siege - Goldfur's Pack; pared with a picture of a tiger.

You can download Redcrow's Pack here:

MC-Patcher Link for a better general look (if any of you are interested this adds connected textures to blocks and makes things look more enhanced:

Greenslide1 Ohh nice idea maybe a Stoneblade Resource pack :3
Shadow_and_Flame Thanks Saucy ...
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for da resource pack to make it look better
Does anyone one know a link to a good shader?
Who made the banners their awesome!
:d Still appriciate it!
the site looks really good
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