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Let's Play a Game...

Hathriin a posted May 5, 15


If YOU were chosen to direct a Movie/TV show about our story, scratch that, our LEGACY; how would you do it? I want to know four things:

 Where does it take place in our world and what part of the story is it about? (Could be the whole thing)

✔ Who would play most of the main characters? (They must be actors alive today. Please include pictures)

✔ What would you call the movie or tv show?

✔ What form would it be portrayed in? Drama? Horror? Musical? Adventure?

If you want to play along, post YOUR dream Castle Siege film layout in the fourms! At the end of.. a considerable ammout of time I will pick a winner based on my own prefrerence. The winner will be awarded a diamond sword in-game to use legally.

You will probably be seeing my own post in the fourms as well! (Don't worry, I can't win)


madmonkey2 No, just answering the questions
machujam11901 And if so would it be something that looked like this? ...
machujam11901 O_o what is this? I'm really confused. Is this promoting players to make stop motion pictures or something based on an e ...

New Map Progress!

Dwarfsosi a posted Apr 11, 15

You might have heard that the infamous youtuber, Jamziboy, is making our new map! If you've never heard of him, shame on you. Here's a link:

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, give this a read:

Your beloved Darakos staff have been Skyping and Chatting and Plotting and Planning with him to make this map the best you've ever laid eyes on. Yes, this map is going to be much smaller than Darakos - but oh, SO much grander! So grand in fact; you might even mistake it for the real thing. Jamziboy is a god who weaves infitite worlds of beauty, sacraficing a bit of his time to serve us mere mortals. Don't just ready for a change of scenery, my friends, No; Get ready to have your face melted.

= I'd like to show you a bit of the progress along the way =

Here are some screenshots he sent us of the terrain:

Front View


Francel City Location

Top View

And to think it all started as this:

madmonkey2 Nice! ...
Dwarfsosi a Hes naughty.
Marius Looks great! But just wondering, what makes him 'infamous'? o.o ...

New Ip (Temporary)

Dwarfsosi a posted Apr 4, 15

Hello Darakostians!

Due to some un-identified cause, our IP has changed to a bunch of random ass letters and numbers. We don't know why, just go with it - it's probably aliens. Calm down. Your gratious co-owner JaffaMiner is working on getting our old IP back, probably at his own expense. In the meantime use this strange IP and don't ask any questions.



~ Due to the large ammount of complaints about the state of the economy, we have decided to wipe a clean slate by reseting ALL money, inventories, and chests - giving the full control and trade of the economy back the the players with no spawned in items or money. Before you freak out, RELAX - I've got you covered. You're all awarded 300 Daraks and some nice armor and weapons to start. GET TO IT. ~

= The Economy is yours. You manage the trade, set the prices, make things valuble, and others not. =

(The new spawn is Port Vallus until the intro if fixed)

Channels will be added for all the main factions soon
See that little Teamspeak module up there next to the slideshow? It's time to communciate during battles people. Fight better and communicate to gain an advantage
madmonkey nooooooooooooooo
Won't be back for a while, hopefully the Tech Guru people can fix my Mac. Until then I be playing The Stick of Truth
Very bad choice on your part sosi saying i am king and all... so much to do