A New Castle Siege Weapons pack is out and I've added SONGS! Tavern & Shanty songs on music discs from Assassin's Creed Black Flag and POTC. Get it now, or you'll regret it! Entering a Tavern with "Here's a Health to the Companyplaying would really enhance your experience and make everything feel so much more real!

Here is the download link:

[Castle Siege Custom Add-on Pack Download]

If you're not aware, this Resource Pack is our own special seafare-themed weapons, sounds and mobs pack, which is meant to be added OVER Ravand's "Conquest" resource pack for MC version 1.7.0. That can be downloaded here:

[Conquest Download]

But, of course, if you get Conquest, you'll need Optifine, a small mod, to see the special extra textures we use to build with. Luculy, I've set up a little modpack with some extra cool features [More Foliage, More Player Models, Minimap, Bubble chat] that is very easy to install. Simply place the folder called "Mods" in your minecraft directory, open said folder, and double click the Item Labled "Forge-1.7.0-for[Mac or Windows]", and hit install. Be sure you start your minecraft in in the version labled "1.7.0-Forge", but Minecraft should do that automatically. Here is the link to our modpack, which is highly recommended:

[Castle Siege Simple Modpack Download]