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Vallus Fort Siege

Soin_Redcrow a posted Dec 18, 14
Hello all! Here's to starting the new opening off with a BANG! This saturday, we are holding an event that contrasts with roleplay, but uses Pvp. A BATTLE! This is how we're going to do server official battles and wars from now on between nations or factions, and the best part: Anyone can participate - not just guardsmen! Battles could be over land, towns, forts, even over political disagreements. In this case, Vallus see's the chance to capture a nearby fort occupied by pirates. This fort could be a big asset to vallus, as it's location is golden - just east of the port - which makes a great lookout beacon for the bay. 

So how will these battle-events work? 
There will likely be a timer on the website, counting down to the final minutes before the battle begins. Battles are set up sort of like Team Deathmatch or Capture the Flag tournaments in defined zones, so roleplaying is not required during the battle; this is pure sword bashing stuff.

  If you would like to go into the battle, but your character isn't permitted to do such things, we allow you to create a temporary character soldier for your desired side, changing your skin and nickname to a more suitable avatar. SO if you were fighting for Vobard, for example, you might find a viking warrior skin to equip and change your name to Barl_Ulfbark. 

All battles will be different but since this upcoming event is a FORT SIEGE, it's more like a one-sided capture the flag. Vallus (the green team) earns points by capturing the Pirates' flag, while the pirates (the black team) earn points by killing vallus soldiers and defending their flag. 

Don't worry about bringing your own weapons and armor, you will be supplied.

Once the game is over, resume the role of your usual character. Do NOT enter the game again.

See you dogs there..
BananaOranj When today? I need to get on!
slushie9912 Im soo pissed I am going to miss it, I have hockey....
Aquagamer17 This sounds awesome, i like the idea alot.
The intro is officially completed, and open to you! You have been reset back to the intro, and must walk through it and read all holograms, because many things/rules have changed, and you need to be informed of them! (Most importantly, the death system!)  Log on and walk through the intro TODAY so you can get a foot in tomorrow, and be in position for the grand opening!

Also, you inventories have been cleared. This is something we couldn't prevent, as we needed to reset your stats to get you to spawn at the intro. Hopefully any valuables are in a chest, but if not, ask an admin to re-supply you! Be honest with what you need back. Your titles remain the same and you may keep them. To keep them just don't enlist in a new job or guild when you arrive at "The Keep".

DON'T LET THE INTRO CONFUSE YOU! - You are not starting new characters. The intro is for new players, I'm just making you go through it so you see what we've changed. When you get to the keep just continue on and choose your previous nation!

Don't forget to choose your race!

...It's showtime...
Hey! We are postponing the final opening. To when? I don't know when, but here's why:

- To fix those annoying Bugs!
- To set some systems up better..
- To create an intro in order to hook new players!
- To obtain more Job Masters. We need more Job Masters!
- To create a series of both Cinematic and Gameplay trailers!
- To make people realize that the best server ever is RIGHT HERE! ..Is it not?

Suggestions? There is literally a comment section right under this post.

Over the series of days we will be working hard to create as much hype as possible. This will surly attract a large audience for our grandest opening yet! Viva la Darakos! Stay tuned!

This isn't to say that roleplay is allowed to stop. Keep role-playing! Further the dynamic story line! The story of Darakos is completely up to YOUR interpretation. Keep goin. Keep role-playin'. Keep Darakos alive.

'Nuff said.

Oh, and a story podcast is soon to hit the web too. The Daracast.

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Viva la Darakos.
EXPLANATION: Hey we just took a little break but now we're back and Darakos is comin' to you better than ever! News Post update coming soon. Opening likely on saturday!
At least a explanation would help give us a idea as to what the hell is going on