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Creative Plots Early Open

Dwarfsosi a posted Thu at 20:25

I'll make this short.

You've all waited long enough. The Northern Tropics aren't quite ready to open yet, but you know what is? Our Creative Plot Worlds - right now! I've un-whitelisted the server and and of you can come on and build with us! Avalible to you are 3 sizes of plots: Classic: 32x32, Small: 15x15, and Large: 100x100 (Large plot access restricted to approved builders only). 

In the meantime, as a fun event, I'm hosting the server's first building competetion, taking place in the Small Plot world. 

Competetion #1: SEASONS

Come to the Small Plots world and build as up to 7 plots, themed as one of the four seasons. Remember to include Atmosphere and Style in your plots. If enough participants enter the contest, a winner will be chosen for each season, and those winners will get an entirely free starting ship in the Northern Tropics when it opens!

We excpet to see builds using the Conquest Resource Pack complete with Meta and Biome textures, though it is not required, it will improve your chances of winning.

The Deadline to get your builds done for the contest is 


I and the Admin team will be judging. To enter your build in the contest, simply place a floating Gold Block above your plot, put a sign on it, and type your username and the season you are portraying. Ethry and I have already each entered a plot!


Sosi's Treasure Hunt

Dwarfsosi a posted Apr 19, 16


Upon opening the new server (which may be some time from now), I, Sosi, will be hosting the server's very first


I will be hiding a starting kit of goodies containing items such as[Valuble Gold Artifects, EXCLUSIVE Custom Armor, EXCLUSIVE new weapons, EXLUSIVE Rum flavors w/effects, Free Building Materials, Food, Kansha (The Battle Drug), extra starting money, free access to a new ship] AND MORE in a tomb underground with a red "X marks the spot" on an island somewhere.

Before the date of my opening event, you must organize yourselves into 3 or 4 teams (Me discluded) and pick any ship you want for your temporary teams as long as it's not taken. On opening day; you will all start at around one central island, facing the in direction (with your team) that you think the treasure is off in. When the whistle blows, you and your teammates must rush down the beach to your ship and set sail to where you think the treasure is! (or not) It's an open world hunt, so it could be anywhere in the whole map! So kind of like a hungergames feel with ships & an ocean but instead of a bloodbath for a victor, it's a bloodbath for booty! The hunt might take half the day, or it might go very fast. Prepare for both possibilites.

The Rules are as Follows:

The teams must be realitivley balanced. I'm trusting you with the responsibility of organizing your own crews so use the fourm to requrit & figure out who's going with who and what ship you guys are using. If we don't have many numbers, 2 or 3 people on a team is fine - but we'll see who shows up and final balance the teams from there.

From the time the starting bell rings, there is a two minute parlay. This means no fighting. After those two minutes are up, anything is fair game around the map. This is so the teams have enough time to get away and get started. If your team member is killed in ANY WAY, they will respawn at the starting grounds, so you have the option to go back for them or leave them stranded. 

Teams may use any strategy they want to look for the treasure including splitting up but the treasure will have a button & pressureplate code that can only be opened by 3 people at once, so it's best to stick together, lest yull' be guardin yer found treasure until your teamates can get to you.

No ship ramming. This will probably disable both rammer and rammie from any more sailing and that's just no fun :( Cannons are definitley allowed, though teams will be given equal ammounts of ammo.

Each team-member will be given a kit based on a class he/she chooses. I don't know the classes yet.

No griefing or stealing another team's ship.

An individual cannot change the teams during the event. No double agenting!

No arguing. Beyond the rules stated, it's an anything goes challenge! Let's not end it with "I wouldve won if you hadn't blah". ANYTHING GOES so toughen up and go with what happens.


Here's a second sneak peak at the map!

Aquagamer17 So this is a quest for the booty. Cause you know me im all of the booty.
madmonkey2 I called dibs on the treasure, so it's mine.
Dwarfsosi a

April Fools?

Dwarfsosi a posted Apr 16, 16

(only 16 days late)

We're not really ending the server.. HAH, GOTCHA! At least not so soon.. And not so obvious.. You see.. we actually DID have an original plan to end all time in our wonderous world as we know it.. That involved a city.. A siege.. A stupid decision.. And the predicted end of the world. But we've recondsidered... or have we? I don't know! When we actually do decide to intitiate the end of the server, we will go out in style. A whole week would be dedicated to partying, games, roasts, and reminising, and finally we would put the server down one last time, upload all of our worlds onto a flash drive, and send said flashdrive down a river in a flaming raft. BUT THAT DAY IS NOT TODAY! Apparently. Maybe. You don't really know what's gonna happen, and that's okay :3

SO I have good news and bad news. The bad news is I might be retiring soon, so don't be entralled if I decide that this is my last summer owning the server.. In which case, Jaffa would become your new owner! And Jaffa's a good guy - I gave him a list of ALL the toys you like to play with and told him ALL the games you like to play! You won't even notice I'm gone! The good news is, knowing that, this summer is going to have to be the best one yet - I mean, it's just gonna have to! No if's and's or butts aboot it. Not for you, hah, no. nonono. For me! And we have a plan. Somewhat. ...Okay it's really more of a theme at this point but shut up. Of course, if this is to be so, we've got to go back to our origional story! And so we are. The Colony story was really more of a DLC, if you will. 

So then, the old gang is back again, isn't it?

You want to know where we're going? Look at the map and put your finger on the islands that have no name.

That is where we are going. This is where we can find three promised things:


Lost Treasures

Eternal Youth.

Their seas host war and welcome only dead men. Their lands are intellegent - but speak no words.

At least, that's what it says on the map. Come with me. Let's investigate.

Our old islands are lost to us. Lower the sails.. LOWER THEM! And for fuck's sake, quit looking back! They'll beat us to it!


We're moving fast! Here's a sneak peak at the new map!

BananaOranj what where is the shoutbox
madmonkey2 let's getttt roiighht into the noose
Oh my god their is a map and everything I am so confused so many buttons to press what is going on
When you download 32 bit java instead of 64 >:(
I am gonna get on and try to make the best seasons ever that are gonna like solid garbage
Ofc it's at 69%