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Dwarfsosi a posted Feb 1, 16

" Time has allowed us to find a nice place. Time has allowed us to build from the dirt up with our bare hands and intuition. Time has allowed us overcome the surrounding nature that threatens to comsume. Time has allowed us to establish our dominance over the local Dwarves. Time has allowed us to thrive in wealth and resources. Time has allowed us to fortify ourselves in, and them out. Time has allowed us to grow thick skin and survive whatever the harsh, unforviging world whirls at us.

Time has allowed us to thrive, and thrive sooner than our past misfortunes in the west, my brothers. Now it is time to act against our oppressors. Now it is time to do what we do best, Yeules; Raid & Occupy. "

 = C O N Q U E S T  A N D  E X P A N S I O N =

What is up, my loyal and newcoming Castle Siegers? It's been a long while since we actaully sieged something and an even longer time since we all worked together to do it. In honor of the traditional spirit of Castle Siege, here we go again. This is a world in a time of Conquest and Looting. Although not the most sane situation, it makes for an utmost interesting and corrupt one. So what do I mean by Siege? HAH. I think you very well know what I mean.

Where are these weekly events you promised, Sosi? You ask. I see the countdown timer every week set to 00:00:00:00! Yep, we're gonna change that. I think it's safe to say we've built ourself up as a colony thus far to begin establishing unified and guarded borders to begin the birth of the new Yeule Province! 

I have plans to organize a build & resources team to set up ultra-realistic Dwarven villages & religious monestaries complete with Women, Children, Blacksmiths, Sages, Rulers, Warforce and all the little details you would expect to find. Most weeks we will scour the shores and most weekends we will siege a new town,  raising our flag to claim it & expand our borders! BE WARNED! Most of these towns will be extremley challenging and will NOT offer any mercy. Do expect an easy ride, based on what you've dealt with in the past. These towns will be unenterable until the event time is right, then we will attempt to take it as a town. I'm looking at a 50/50 ratio of the ammount of towns we'll be able to take. On the ones we fail, further attemps will be closed and we may try again in coming weeks. This is becaue these towns will be time consuming to set up, so we must get all we can out of them together before they're ours. Opon capturing a town, role-played hostages will be taken & deals will be played out with the Dwarven rulers if they live. NPC units of our own will be stationed in a taken village as guards, but be warned; There will be many Dwarves about and they may try to take their towns back. This isn't going to be a smooth ride. We will begin by sieging a few Elden Sage monsestaries for our first few weeks to get a feel for the togetherness and the role-play that is expected when we go on these raids. At the time that our borders do reach the edges of our map, we may expand in a direction, later voted on in a fourm post.

The towns we'll be going after have a motive; they provide resources. So if we raid a lumber camp, that camp may have regenerating lumber resouece depots so we don't have to deplete our beautiful riverside scenery trees. Any week we will be raiding, there will be a vote on which type of town to raid on this site, based on what the town needs. For example, if some people think we need more iron, then we vote on sieging a mining town.

Also, as we begin to expand farther and farther away from our preciuous colony, things will get tougher. Eventually we're going to need siege machines & unified, trained forces with commanders to sucessfully siege the walled cities we'll be going against. Just a heads up. Think.. Vikings starting with monestaries to vikings raiding Paris. Excited? Well we need a bigger build team before that can happen so if you've got the stuff, enjin mail us with pictures, please.

Other things to possibly come:

Smaller Dwarven Camps with respawning Dwarves for fun.

War-Zones on top of our taken Dwarven Camps where players can choose a side (Yeules vs Dwarves) and Kit-Pvp battle for fun. Once we take and 100% secure a town, it will become a playground for Kit Pvp.

Very Expensive Hireable NPC bodyguards & Town Guard forces for the King (Will fight Mobs & Enemy Dwarves for you)

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madmonkey2 That's right guys!

Who are we?

We are a migratory group of humans known as the Yeules from the far far west who travels, lives and develops using rivers.  This particular river has taken us to the middle Elden Lands - home to the hundred Dwarven tribes. We speak different languages and, as usual, are unwelcomed strangers here. We've found a thick muddly flat on the riverside patrolled by no Dwarven chiefs but it won't be long until we're discovered - so we must raise forces and prepare. We think Dwarves are not much of a threat because of their small stature (couldn't be more wrong) so we decide to upstart a quaint little settlement on that side of the river. Dwarves are stubborn folk that stay true to their kin for thousands of years so they come in many different cultures and wear many strange things. Many of the Dwarven tribes that roam this area use blackpowder muskets, and as a result, we stole a couple into our own hands and are now learning how to reek their deadly effects.

Whenever we start a new town, It is custom for our people to have a sort of charity district for the temporarily poor. You can think of them as shanty towns on the side of the main village - free huts built out of voulunter work that serve as avalible shelter and storange to any that can't afford a cabin. Our people are known to be very skilled Longbow Archers and Boatsmen - Most able to shoot an arrow through a bead and steer a boat upriver with realstive ease. Since we are migratory explorers, we generally carry little and start up a town with what we can using the resource around us - we do, however, carry lots of rich jewlery. This helps when bartereing with kings in enemy territory.

Upon arriving and construcing sufficient shelter, we will elect a king democratically, who's vote counts for 1/4 of the town population when resolving town problems. The King has free reign to tax the town and assemble a guard force. If our vote was sane and the King is honest, he will put the tax money towards good causes. A King can be taken out of chair and replaced once a season if need be by the vote of the people. 



madmonkey2 Maybe you guys get on, and then make suggestions eh?
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The River Server

Dwarfsosi a posted Dec 26, 15

"This book we are reading grows stale. It gathers dust as the pages turn slower and slower. Our eyes grow heavy and our mouths begin to drool while we read now. It used to be so full of excitment, chaos and adventure - but now it has begun to loose significance and slow to a trudge. Let us preserve our great story we have written over the years by closing the book and opening a new one..."

My Friends, our story from Entripia to Kaarth has been great at parts but far too many times have we come across dull periods and they are getting increasingly boring. If you have any respect for our story, you would want to put it down before it becomes too much of a drag and burns out slowly and pathetically - and that is just what we are going to do; end the following of Sosi's Regime and pick it up somewhere else - with new characters, a new land, and a new plot. Perhaps one day we will return to the likes of the Island Nations and Darakos, and see what they've become without us, but for now - I do say it is time for a differerent story, same world. And this time, since we are starting new, in minecraft 1.8. 

Why? Edward came to me with this idea and he says it best:

"We should look at consolidating all the players into a Vallus/Francel/Redcrow 2.0 with a few key changes to cater to net new players as well as following Sosi's example and old players jumping off a cliff. That's right we need a complete wipe of all character history and net worth. And like you mentioned, maybe a new map would be the best place to do it. It would probly be best if we started under a new king who wasn't an admin - just some joe who has never ruled a day in his life. Could make for some interesting stuff. For gameplay changes I also think we should really look back at how Vallus functioned (and possibly Redcrow I never played it) with player interactions and jobs but use the current system that we've have helped you guys build out during the last two phases to really polish them off. Basically meaning we use the current hold upgrades, event ideas like archery and jousting touruments, and the forest events we have all been working on"

And Faulst:

"I also think that there shouldn't be new characters based off of the previously existing characters (ie: There could be no Royce family line, or Hale family line) this could establish a fresher feel to the server while giving people new rp angles to work with. I also think item drops should be added as well, to make the outside of the city have a more dangerous feel, and to further establish the city as the safe epicenter of the world, as well as boosting server economy by people buying more goods. The value of the darak should be raised as well, so that 1 darak on the new map would be worth be worth more than 1 darak in the current economy making the prices of goods lowered."

This was them responding to my joke comment about changing the map (they thought I was serious) and, while I wasnt - what they had said, I'd been thinking a long time as well. The server always works exceptionally well when there is one epicenter and one main monarch. It allows people to act out or serve, establish a buisiness avalible to everyone on the server, get the chance to roleplay closer and with more players, and let your story have more of a ripple affect on everyone. It also makes things very simple for new players, which, if we're being honest - we're not very good at xD.  

So where are we going? Let me rephrase. WE are not going anywhere; the story is. Leave your characters behind. You will all be starting new ones. We will be shifting to this general area:

Faulst is trying his hand at making the map currently, so I'm waiting to see how he does. I told him I want it to be themed like a sad old weathered Americana landscape feel that is very river based. The rivers would have to be huge, with many deltas and channels - because they're the main feature of the map. Think of how wide the missouri or Seine rivers are - like that.  This way, ship transport would still be a main means of travel. Flowing downsteam you may find eastereggs from Kaarth or Crystalbarrow..

Starting off, we will be humble river people in a a humble river town ruled under one monarch. To others, we are known as the Yeules - because we occupy Yeule province. Yes, the Elden Lands have a whole bunch of provences you don't know about! Our lives center around our great rivers and we use them for just about everything. Perhaps we will encounter other peoples of the Elden Lands and have Feuds or Friendships with them!

Over time if the map gets too small and farmiliar we will expand, furthering the span of our great rivers and furthering the need for adventure!

Think of how local the story of Robin Hood was. It didn't span over continents yet it became a legend all the same! We would have not been influenced by the regimes of Sosi or Kaarth so we would not have the spoils of their technology yet, but at the same time we will have things they never did. For instance, river boats! Huge neopolionic ships aren't fit for rivers, but add some long paddles, decrease the size and broaden the hull and you've got yourself a ship fit for the murky murks! They're called Keel Boats

Small Keel Boat

Medium Keel Boat

Average Keel Boat

Large Keel Boat

Large Keel Boat

Updating to 1.8 gives us really cool 3D textures to play around with. We can fianlly have 3D crossbows that face the right way, and spears that you hold correctly! I will also be incorperating the 3D shields I made for my viking server into this.

That's it for now, folks. Setting up this new story & map won't take too long but we encourage you to help! Ship owners in Kaarth will get a free Keel boat equivalent and three free repastes. I am going to try to incorperate paddles into sailing because you know, rivers have currents. I will keep you informed about any further ideas.

Sosi Out

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