Creative Plots Early Open

Dwarfsosi a posted May 26, 16



Winter: Ethry

Spring: Dwarfsosi

Fall: Corodreth

Summer: Shadow_and_Flame

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I'll make this short.

You've all waited long enough. The Northern Tropics aren't quite ready to open yet, but you know what is? Our Creative Plot Worlds - right now! I've un-whitelisted the server and and of you can come on and build with us! Avalible to you are 3 sizes of plots: Classic: 32x32, Small: 15x15, and Large: 100x100 (Large plot access restricted to approved builders only). 

In the meantime, as a fun event, I'm hosting the server's first building competetion, taking place in the Small Plot world. 

Competetion #1: SEASONS

Come to the Small Plots world and build as up to 7 plots, themed as one of the four seasons. Remember to include Atmosphere and Style in your plots. If enough participants enter the contest, a winner will be chosen for each season, and those winners will get an entirely free starting ship in the Northern Tropics when it opens!

We excpet to see builds using the Conquest Resource Pack complete with Meta and Biome textures, though it is not required, it will improve your chances of winning.

The Deadline to get your builds done for the contest is 


I and the Admin team will be judging. To enter your build in the contest, simply place a floating Gold Block above your plot, put a sign on it, and type your username and the season you are portraying. Ethry and I have already each entered a plot!