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New New IP

General Wellesley ao posted Wed at 14:02
You can now use
The old IP will work too but it isn't cool, you know.

Hello Everybody

General Wellesley ao posted Jul 11, 14

Hi everyone, my name is Jaffa, and I am going to be your host and owner for ten days while Sosi and Ziptow go to some random island in the Atlantic ocean. We want building to continue at maximum to try to open this server ASAP! Be sure to bookmark the new IP!
Mariikon Eversmith I will try to be on, I am in wonderland right now (Fiji then to Tahiti <3)

New IP

General Wellesley ao posted Jul 11, 14
Hello! It has been noticed that some of you are having trouble with the resource pack(s). Well here's your solution (if you are on Windows).
NOTE: You need 7zip or Winrar to unzip files. 7zip is free and very useful.
Step 1: Download the pack

Step 2: Open the zipped file

Step 3: Move the folder into "resourcepacks":

General Wellesley ao This isn't the clearest tutorial, I was in a rush. If you have questions, ask.

Bad news, stay hopeful!

Dwarfsosi ao posted Jul 3, 14
Sadly, Castle Siege has gone down and will be down for about the next four days due to a quick power outage. I would be able to put the server back up but I am not at my house and can't connect to the screen sharing program because my host computer is off. The server will be down for roughly the next four days (while I write this) which is a bummer, because that is a gap where we COULD be building! No matter! I suggest many of you who are looking to help out, watch/practice as many building tutorials as you can to become masters of the build! When the server comes back up we can slap down out some amazing towns and get this server started! I suggest watching "Jamziboy" on youtube. Probably the best out there! 

Also, it is required that you use the custom resource pack and download either optifiine or mcpatcher to use with it. Both of these files are just a .jar file that can be installed when you open the .jar file and click a single install  button; it doesn't take long at all!

THE REASON you need to download these is so you can see all the extra textures we are building with that are included in the res. pack. The only way you can possibly SEE these extra textures is with Optifine or Mcpatcher. Examples are fish/meat hanging from ropes, seeing the many extra wood textures (like barrels and boxes for cargo) seeing real smoke coming out of houses instead of spiderwebs, seeing big rugs of wolf hide/bear hide, seeing connected textures/non-repeating blocks, seeing actual bottles of wine/kegs of ale/wine racks at taverns, and..and... A lot more. Using mcpatcher or optifine makes the world look so much cooler with no added lag! GET ONE OF THEM! IT'S EASY!

Here are the links:

(By the way, these are barley mods! Do not let them scare you! They are very easy to install! Comment if you have any questions! You only need one of them!)

mobman99 Did u move to minecraft/resource pack folder?
casper_azaria I downloaded the pack but it doesn't show up in the part where you choose which pack to play with? what do I do?
Mightywarrior25   joined Castle Siege - Roleplay Server
Dwarfsosi   added 30 Ultimate days to Castle Siege - Roleplay Server
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Either change the meta tool or change the boatmod tool, thanks! and sorry my ship is sooo much better than yours!
Cannot be a stick ,or else every time we try to sail a ship it changes the meta of whatever block were looking at,
Oh! and I probly wont be on much today so hopefully sosi or jaffa reads this. If not someone please tell them, but the meta deta change tool
Put the fuggin server up jaffa!
Mightywarrior, the server is not open yet but will be soon! Along with a new application! Re apply in about a week!
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