Redcrow Festivale!

Dwarfsosi a posted Aug 17, 16

Upon the completion of the Redcrow Keep & Town, the server will soon be opening. To celebrate this, on opening day, Redcrow keep will be hosting a festival! All players will get their start in either House Redcrow or House Stroud, which are allied factions in the highlands. We are opening just the Highlands first as sort of a test server to see if people like this modded-roleplay kind of thing, and if all is sucsessful, we will expand to more maps and introduce the Yeule faction!

What one can expect at the festival:


A Knife Throwing Competiton at Attrivian Statues

A classic Archery tournament

Fencing Tournaments

A limited stock of free mead!

A King of the Hill tournament

Bare Knuckle Boxing Tornaments

A Horse Race through the Highlands

A Jesting Competition to please his majesty, Seran Redcrow

Admittance into the Redcrow Militia

A Poetry Competition judged by king Seran

and most importantly, Jousting!

Anything I left out? Comment below and tell me what else you would like to see at the festival!

Dwarfsosi a how about okay
madmonkey2 How about a hotdog eating competition.