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Adressed to all those in my Company:

My Comerades, nay, Friends of new and old; It seems our set course to the Angle Islands, homeland of the Humans, must end before we go any further. You all know I am certainly not one to give up. I would never give in to the impossible if it was worth it on the other side, but I fear if we embark across the endless sea there WILL be no other side. 

I've surveyed a bit of our course; ventured out even. Not only do we not know where exaxlty our pre-set destination lies, nay, we do not know that is even exists. To boot, a trip across the endless sea with ANY vessel from our lands is suicide - and I am not eggeagerating when I declare this, though I wish with everything that I was. The distance is, how shall I put it? Beyond outlying. A trip to the end of a rainbow would be well worth it compared to this. Not to mention the islands in our path, or should I say, lack of them. Thats right lads: No restocks. And shall I even mention the waves? Get far enough out there and you'll begin to see them. Waves the size of mountains. 

 I'm sure you all seek long and prosperous lives as I do, so I'll spare you the praying - Our emabrk to the Angle Islands is cancelled. I want you to know how sorry I am for shying away from such a good fight - but you should not be sorry. Saying goodbye to an adventure only opens up a new one. I do undoubtubly regret parting with any any embarkment, but I'm afraid this one would not be so much of an embark as it would be the end.... so I've devised a new one.

Our long overlooked neghbors in conquest, united under the Great Lord Kaarth (claimed to be Sosi's equal) have been on their own path... Yes my friend, we are not alone. It seems as though our Empire has a worthy opponent.   

Rumors ring that they've been colonizing new soil, much as we have. We, of course, got the head start oh so many years back, taking the Tropics and Penisulas to the North. Following in our ways, Kaarth and his armies have begun torching up through the Elden Lands like a wildfire, butching the few that stand in their way, taking everything and sparing none. Over the past decade, a little known but bloody battle has been ensuing in the tropics over island control. Our long forgotten brothers from Ghauali have since banded together to fight Karrth's crushing force to conquer the tropics. The Ghauali Islands grow threatened has Kaarth's forces push northward. Kaarth's empire has been overlooked for far too long. It seems this foregin force his presented itself a worthy opponent to ours. My people, this is not a force to be ignored. They show no mercy, they do not retreat from their ambitions until they lie dead and cold. I hold fear that if we allow them to grow, they could triumph us in strength and burn away everything we've worked for in Ghauali.. Darakos... Entripia. Kaarth's precious islands are just sitting there.. waiting for a stirring.

DID WE give them permission to defy us? HINDER us in our conquest  and discovery of new lands? Have they forgotten the ORIGINAL FATHERS OF THE ELDEN REGION?

My Friends, I'm asking you to put down your differences and unite under Sosi once more. 

Spirit and Wind be with you all - Ziptow Ironpaine

So to explain this in brief: Yeah, we're not doing the Angle Islands anymore. We just kind of all lost interest and we didn't like the structure of the Angle Islands - to open. But we can still call this "The Sea of Calamity" because the map is still conflict at sea!

Lore Wize, let me explain what's going on incase you didn't pick it all up from the letter: If you look at the LORE page, you see the map. Look at that little strip of island off the coast of the Elden Lands. Notice how The Islands of Ghauali (Sosi's Territory) lies to the North and The Island's of Karrth (Kaarth's territory) Lies to the south? Notice that there is no solid border between these two regions. Kaarth owns the southern part of the Tropics and a few regions in the Elden Lands. This Empire rose and took a completley different land conquering path than ours in history, and this is when they finally meet - at the islands of Kaarth.

To understand this, think of Entrpia as Britian and Kaarth's forces as Spain. These were the two big-shot powers in the world at a time, and they fought over the Carribean. 

This new map is very beautiful SO FAR. It will take place in a tropical , carribean like envionment with many islands to explore and some to build on. I say SO FAR because this map has no border! It is infinite ocean! In the future, we will have map expansion releases where we make EVEN MORE islands! You will never get bored of this map because it will be forever expanding! SO the whole focus of this new map is SHIPS. Since most of the map is the sea, you will use ships to travel and battle more often than not. The best part is, we're THINKING about allowing anyone to be able to captain a ship. Ships will of course cost money, and we'll have beginner dinghys for those who can wager up enough and find a hardy crew. Also, we're using a new ship plugin! A crew is now needed to adjust the sails on deck (depending on the size of the ship), ships take collison damage, you can repair them to their natural state if they ARE damaged, and they even sink to the bottom when they take enough damage!

ALSO, scattered around the map will be little warzones you can enter and fight for your nation, if you like, without damaging your own ship. So for example, you might see two big, fat, enemy Man o' War's facing eachother sitting out in the open ocean, ready for battle. Grab some friends and swim up close to these to start the game! Once you get close enough to the ships you will be teleported to a hub where you can choose your nation by walking through a portal. Upon choosing, you will be teleported to the deck of your nation's Man o' War. Since we can't sail Man o' Wars because they're too big for our plugin, we thought it would still be fun for you guys to host battles on imobile ones, so now you can! Fire cannons, grapeshot, grappling hooks, and more at the enemy ship! Even board by building wooden planks across! When a victor has emerged, the ships will reset and you will all be teleported out of the battle zone. You can do this as many times as you like! Plus how cool would it be to caually sail past a Battle Royale out at sea, knowing it us fought by a bunch of your fellow players, given the option that you can join in any time you like!

Don't bash us too much because we're only just starting to draw up the concept.

Much like the British Virgin Islands, Kaarth's empire has dubbed this region in the name of



I suppose you want to see some pictures of the new map...

Side Note: The Map will gradually get bigger than this, but it's a good start!

Dwarfsosi a I'm still deciding on that. See, I originally thought it would just be you bring your own gear but then I remembered tha ...
mobman99 Also for the war zones do you bring gear or r u supplied when you choose a nation?
mobman99 I loved capture the flag in entripia and this seems 10x's bigger i can not wait till this opens up. Amazing job sosi abs ...

Let's Play a Game...

Hathriin a posted May 5, 15


If YOU were chosen to direct a Movie/TV show about our story, scratch that, our LEGACY; how would you do it? I want to know four things:

 Where does it take place in our world and what part of the story is it about? (Could be the whole thing)

✔ Who would play most of the main characters? (They must be actors alive today. Please include pictures)

✔ What would you call the movie or tv show?

✔ What form would it be portrayed in? Drama? Horror? Musical? Adventure?

If you want to play along, post YOUR dream Castle Siege film layout in the fourms! At the end of.. a considerable ammout of time I will pick a winner based on my own prefrerence. The winner will be awarded a diamond sword in-game to use legally.

You will probably be seeing my own post in the fourms as well! (Don't worry, I can't win)


madmonkey2 No, just answering the questions
machujam11901 And if so would it be something that looked like this? ...
machujam11901 O_o what is this? I'm really confused. Is this promoting players to make stop motion pictures or something based on an e ...

New Map Progress!

Dwarfsosi a posted Apr 11, 15

You might have heard that the infamous youtuber, Jamziboy, is making our new map! If you've never heard of him, shame on you. Here's a link:

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, give this a read:

Your beloved Darakos staff have been Skyping and Chatting and Plotting and Planning with him to make this map the best you've ever laid eyes on. Yes, this map is going to be much smaller than Darakos - but oh, SO much grander! So grand in fact; you might even mistake it for the real thing. Jamziboy is a god who weaves infitite worlds of beauty, sacraficing a bit of his time to serve us mere mortals. Don't just ready for a change of scenery, my friends, No; Get ready to have your face melted.

= I'd like to show you a bit of the progress along the way =

Here are some screenshots he sent us of the terrain:

Front View


Francel City Location

Top View

And to think it all started as this:

Greenslide1 Looks like the Mediterranean
madmonkey2 Nice! ...
Dwarfsosi a Hes naughty.
I havent been following the site like i used to
has/when is the server launching
well your ship is a llll ready Erye, won't you come and claim her? We should be ready to open within the week for old players to beta test
Also erye i might take you up on that offer still deciding i will message u when you get back i guess