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The intro is officially completed, and open to you! You have been reset back to the intro, and must walk through it and read all holograms, because many things/rules have changed, and you need to be informed of them! (Most importantly, the death system!)  Log on and walk through the intro TODAY so you can get a foot in tomorrow, and be in position for the grand opening!

Also, you inventories have been cleared. This is something we couldn't prevent, as we needed to reset your stats to get you to spawn at the intro. Hopefully any valuables are in a chest, but if not, ask an admin to re-supply you! Be honest with what you need back. Your titles remain the same and you may keep them. To keep them just don't enlist in a new job or guild when you arrive at "The Keep".

DON'T LET THE INTRO CONFUSE YOU! - You are not starting new characters. The intro is for new players, I'm just making you go through it so you see what we've changed. When you get to the keep just continue on and choose your previous nation!

Don't forget to choose your race!

...It's showtime...
Hey! We are postponing the final opening. To when? I don't know when, but here's why:

- To fix those annoying Bugs!
- To set some systems up better..
- To create an intro in order to hook new players!
- To obtain more Job Masters. We need more Job Masters!
- To create a series of both Cinematic and Gameplay trailers!
- To make people realize that the best server ever is RIGHT HERE! ..Is it not?

Suggestions? There is literally a comment section right under this post.

Over the series of days we will be working hard to create as much hype as possible. This will surly attract a large audience for our grandest opening yet! Viva la Darakos! Stay tuned!

This isn't to say that roleplay is allowed to stop. Keep role-playing! Further the dynamic story line! The story of Darakos is completely up to YOUR interpretation. Keep goin. Keep role-playin'. Keep Darakos alive.

'Nuff said.

Oh, and a story podcast is soon to hit the web too. The Daracast.

the_white_toast a Casper, this isnt the place to ask that sort of stuff. Please talk to an admin on the server, and if there isnt one, wai ...
casper_azaria so, in the whole rollback thing, i lost these items: a completely new iron sword, 13 breads, 10 porks, 10 steaks, full c ...
skydog1122 I know this is an rp server, but i think it would be cool if (after you joined a miltia or band or group etc) you could ...

Help Wanted!

Soin_Redcrow a posted Sep 12, 14
We require Job Masters.. But not just any old codfish off the street. Job Masters who can dish out some mean role-play. Who can set an example for less-acclaimed new players. We will give you a position of power, but only if you amp up your role-play. As a Job Master you are VITAL to role-play. You control the future of Darakos. We need you.

We need you because we need at least one job master per trade in each Militia/House to start the server off. We failed at doing this last time and we suffered for it. You all remember the famine all too well. That happened because all jobs depend on each other to stay afloat, and some of these jobs had no master, thus, did not exist and would never come to exist. And so the famine started..

We are allowing you to apply to become a Job Master, come server opening day, just this once. If your application gets accepted you will be allowed on the server a week before opening. There you will get assigned a free Establishment, prepare your shop, and get an elbow in for a good week before launch day.

We need you! Darakos needs you! If you think you are up to the challenge, give it a shot! Just click on Extra Applications (up in the top menu) and pan down to Pre-Opening Job Master Applications and fill out the app! If you've got what it takes, we'll accept you and you'll be on your way to glory!
Marius New char, same job.
machujam11901 If a job master dies do they have to re-sign up? (I was beaten to death, I still have my title though and i cant re-regi ...
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I miss the cool things that used to be on c.s like steampunk =( and fantasy
i'm so ready for the re opening
What animal races are aloud? Cause Moby is a tiger
That doesn't sound quite our.. style. The races we have are races that have been with us through our legacy and lore. Adding some seemingly random races in that never had any affect in the past isn't quite lore friendly..
Basilisk should be a real race everybody loved it :sick: